Herd of Deer Crash New Jersey Wedding

Erick and Lauren Fix’s wedding portrait is truly dear. Er…deer.

That’s because the couple managed to have their portrait taken in front of a herd of about 40 whitetails.

Erick and Lauren were married Saturday at a farm near Stockton, N.J. Their photographer Ian Christmann explained to ABC News how the picture came to be. “During dinner, during sunset, this whole herd of deer came up out of the woods,” Christmann said. “I convinced the bride and groom in the middle of dinner to come with me.”

The end result of that session went viral when Christmann uploaded the pic to social media under the title “Deerly Beloved.” This led to the newly married couple discussing their pic on the Today Show.

“It really is an incredible shot,” the new Mrs. Fix told the morning program. “When we saw it, we said, ‘We really have to frame that.’”