Antelope Hunting photo

This video comes from the Utah Division of Wildlife resources and was shot along the sage brush flats in the Parker Mountain area.

A group of volunteers and wildlife officials captured 236 pronghorn for relocation using a helicopter and the net system explained in the clip. The 236 animals is a small portion of the 2,150 pronghorn estimated on the unit — the management objective for the unit is 1,500, according to Utah Public Radio. The captured pronghorn will be relocated in different states to supplement struggling herds or start new ones.

Of course, the most spectacular part of this conservation effort is the helicopter pilots who buzz the prairie, herding speed goats.

“Pronghorn can run faster than 60 miles per hour,” Teresa Griffin, regional wildlife manager for the DWR told “So, herding them can be very tricky. These pilots have to be the best in the business just to keep up with them.”