Maybe it was Egypt a few weeks ago, or the capitol city of Libya, the news is choked with stories that suggest Northeastern Africa and the Middle-East are falling apart.

Sure, we can feel it Stateside, with our gas prices jumping 20 cents overnight on the East coast. But what if you or someone you care about is stuck somewhere and trying to get home? What if you were in Libya’s capitol, Tripoli, trying to get back home as town after town are taken over by rebels and Islamist terrorists from Al Qaeda?

My friends at the State Department have to travel to hot spots like that all the time. There is no guarantee they’ll make it back, but here is what they do and what you should do too:

1. Always keep your passport hidden somewhere on your person, lose that and you might not get on the plane at all

2. Always keep a couple of credit cards with high spending limits, to buy last minute plane tickets, which are incredibly expensive

3. Get a direct flight out if you can, without waiting around all day. Fly to a closer, neutral nation if things don’t work out quickly for a straight shot home

4. Keep local currency on you, for bribes, food, transport.

5. Blend in as much as possible

6. Keep off the streets and away from protests and use a legitimate cab or taxi to move around. If the lead does start flying keep low, move away from the firefight and find a new direction to get to the airport.

Photo: Jonathan Rashad