Photo by Hamid Mir.

It took 10 years, and Lord only knows how much money, but Osama bin Laden is finally dead. While this victory brings most Americans a sense of justice, it also reminds us anew of the pain of 9/11, and it makes us wonder whether there will be some sort of backlash by those loyal to bin Laden. Al-Qaida has already warned of retaliation, saying that America’s “happiness will turn to sadness.”

Yeah, yeah. Death to all infidels. We’ve heard that one before.

But what does this mean to the average American’s safety?

There haven’t been any immediate specific alerts, and the public hasn’t been made aware of any credible threats. But to hit without warning is the M.O. of terrorists. This loss to Al-Qaida may be just the thing to invigorate them.

What should we watch for?

Obviously, look for people who are out of place as you go through your daily routine. There are too many forms of terrorism to begin to list them here. Our food, water, currency, transportation and health could be attacked in a number of ways. The biggest help we can provide our country is vigilance.

How do we prepare ourselves?

As with any other crisis, ensure your own survival and that of your family by having a plan in place to provide your basic needs if a situation should dictate self-reliance. Have food, money and needed medicines on hand. Have a plan for obtaining and disinfecting water, if you can’t get any from your tap. The list goes on and on. The point is to be as prepared as you can, while continuing to carry on a normal life.

Sure, you could hide in a cave somewhere, but that’s what the bad guys want–the destruction of the American way of life. Do you want to let them have that kind of power over you?

Let us know how you’re preparing for any potential retaliation in the comments.