Don’t feel like you could survive without your morning coffee? You’re not alone. According to, an astonishing 83% of American adults drink coffee, which is up from 78% just one year earlier. With all this coffee floating around, it makes one wonder about other applications for this everyday resource?

Here are my top 5 survival uses for the flavorful beans we know as coffee. Pour yourself a cup, and read on.

1) Headache prevention and treatment
If you’re a caffeine addict like me, your blinding headaches will probably start about a day or two into coffee withdrawal. Keep some coffee in your Bug Out Bag or larger survival kits, and drink a little less each day. This way you’ll ease down off the roasted Arabica serpent without your skull exploding.
2) Post-Disaster Trade Good**
Remember the headaches we just talked about? Imagine the street value of some coffee and a way to prepare it after a natural disaster has flattened the local Starbucks. Way to plan ahead for the misfortune of others! Just make sure you have enough to pay a body guard in coffee, so robbers and looters don’t jump you for your joe.

3. Camouflage Dye
Coffee stains on your favorite shirt? No, they’re not – that’s coffee camo. In desperate times, some well-placed blotches of coffee, among other stains, could form the basis for an improvised camouflage system. We’re not slobs, we’re just blending in.

4. Bait
Not many creatures other than humans enjoy coffee, but in desperate times – hungry animals have been known to eat almost anything. Try a little coffee on rat traps or even primitive traps, to see if the local animals will mess with it. It’s worth a shot.

5. Flavor Camouflage
One of the tastiest, yet weirdest, dry rubs for gamey wild meats – is my friend’s coffee spice rub. This is equal parts of seasoning salt and coffee grounds, blended with a little black and red pepper for some heat. I’m not sure anybody really likes it, but we keep on eating it, perhaps just trying to figure it out. So if you’re stuck living off ‘possum or rat, try a little coffee rub and see if it’s any better.

Tell us how coffee could help you survive, by leaving us a comment.