Choose an assortment of wool and synthetic blends—never opt for cotton. Tim MacWelch

Whether you are striding down the side of the gridlocked road, or hiking through the countryside on a straight line compass bearing, you’re going to run into other people. If the situation is bad enough to cause you to bug out, these people are likely to be panicking and very likely to be less prepared than you. If you are carrying a huge rucksack strapped with survival gear, don’t you think they’ll want it?

For your safety, your bug out gear shouldn’t stand out in a crowd. Don’t call attention to yourself by having tools and weapons within view. Choose clothing and backpacks that look sporty rather than “survival-y.” Dress up like a traveler and wheel your BOB down the side of the road in a large wheeled suitcase. Don the costume of a homeless person and place your gear in trash bags on a little red wagon. Find a way to blend in and hide what you’ve got, and you’re likely to make it to your destination in one piece – and with your supplies.

And in a riot, the safest place to be is far away. But if you do get caught in one – it’s best to blend in. Whatever issue has upset the people, just go with it. Chant the slogans that they chant, and say the types of things that you are hearing said around you. Don’t stick up for the opposition unless you’re trying to get a beating. Tell them what they want to hear. If they have their faces covered, pull your undershirt up over your nose and blend in. But ditch the disguise as you reach the edge of the event: you don’t need peaceful folks or law enforcement personnel getting the wrong idea about you.

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