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First Look: UNO Bowhunting App for Sighting in Your Bow

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If you’ve read the annual Outdoor Life Bow Test the last few years, you know that we rely heavily on the Velocitip Ballistic System from Full Flight Technology during our evaluation to deliver accurate performance data on the compounds and crossbows we test.

For 2015, the brilliant minds at Full Flight have introduced yet another invaluable archery tool, an app that’s poised to become the electronic Allen wrench for compound sights. Dubbed “UNO,” the new app generates a precise set of sight marks on your phone’s display that allows you to set the pins on your bow sight at different distances.

For the gadget challenged, the UNO is very intuitive and simple to use. I entered my arrow speed, peep measurement, and fletching type, and it spit back the sight marks. With the fresh read-out in hand, I was able to set my pins.

An algorithm within the app employs thousands of arrow drag coefficient data points, collected over the past five years by the Velocitip Ballistic System, to produce incredibly precise sight-pin gaps. Additionally, the “virtual” pins are customizable for individual pin yardage, pin count (up to 7), and pin colors.

I found the UNO to be a money saver too. Typically when sighting in a new bow with a multi-pin set up, I’ll bury two or three arrows in the ground or send them sailing over the target never to be seen again. With the UNO, my pin guesswork was eliminated, saving me the cost of a couple expensive arrows.

The UNO also includes a sight tape option, which allows users to lay a blank tape on the display and create their own custom tape. According to the Velocitip folks, the UNO pin gap calculation is so accurate that once your pins are set, no further adjustment will be needed.

It’s available for both iOS and Android platforms and costs $9.99.