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Pheasant season is open and you have no private land to hunt? Not aproblem.


  1. 1. SOUTH DAKOTA Draw a triangle connecting the towns ofAberdeen, Redfield and Watertown. This acreage, divided into waterfowlproduction areas (WPA) and game production areas (GPA), hosts some of thefinest pheasant hunting in the country. Contact: South Dakota Department ofTourism (800-952-3625)

  2. 2. SOUTH DAKOTA Across the state, the ShadehillReservoir WPA offers 6,000 acres, while the adjoining Grand River NationalGrasslands provides 155,000. Contact: South Dakota Department of Tourism(800-952-3625)

  3. 3. IOWA Pheasant hunters will find 50,000 acres ofprime real estate in the Iowa River Corridor Project, which stretches some 45miles along the river’s floodplain in Tama, Benton and Iowa counties. Contact:Iowa Department of Natural Resources (515-281-5918)

  4. 4. KANSAS The combined 19,000 acres of the Glen Elderand Wilson wildlife areas should be included in any traveling uplander’s roadtrip. Also, don’t forget Kansas’s Walk-In Hunting Area program. Contact: KansasDepartment of Wildlife and Parks (785-628-8614)

  5. 5. NEBRASKA Game agency surveys have shown the mostpheasant potential in the northeastern corner of the state. In Nance and Plattecounties, west of Columbus, a number of smaller wildlife management areas alongthe Loup River show promise. Contact: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission(402-471-0641) — M.D. Johnson