Best Duck Stamps: The Top 35 Federal Waterfowl Stamps


Duck stamps are about to go digital. There's currently a bill waiting in the U.S. Senate that would OK online sales of federal duck stamps in all 50 states. Right now, eight states are running a trial program that allows hunters to buy their stamp online. The physical stamp gets mailed to them after 45 days. Since 1934, the year the first duck stamp was issued, the program has raised $800 million dollars that's been used to conserve 5.3 million acres of wetlands - that's an area larger than the state of Connecticut. Duck stamps (which cost $15) raise about $25 million each year. Hopefully, this online program will allow even more hunters and conservationists to buy the stamp. To celebrate the success of the duck stamp, and it's 75th anniversary, our friends at Ducks Unlimited have sent us a collection of the 35 best duck stamp paintings. Pictured: the 2012-2013 stamp by Joseph Hautman
2010-2011, American Wigeon By: Robert Bealle
2009-2010, Long-tailed Duck By: Joshua Spies
2008-2009 (75th Anniversary Stamp), Northern Pintails By: Joseph Hautman
2006-2007, Ross' Goose By: Sherrie Russell Meline
2005-2006, Hooded Mergansers By: Mark Anderson
2004-2005, Redheads By: Scot Storm
2003-2004, Snow Geese By: Ron Louque
2000-2001, Mottled Duck By: Adam Grimm
1999-2000, Greater Scaup By: James Hautman
1995-1996, Mallards By: James Hautman
1994-1995, Red-breasted Mergansers By: Neal R. Anderson
1991-1992, King Eiders By: Nancy Howe
1988-1989, Snow Goose By: Daniel Smith
1986-1987, Fulvous Whistling Duck By: Burton E. Moore
1982-1983, Canvasbacks By: David A. Maass
1981-1982, Ruddy Ducks By: John S. Wilson
1980-1981, Mallards By: Richard Plasschaert
1975-1976, Canvasbacks and Decoy By: James P. Fisher
1974-1975, Wood Ducks By: David A. Maass
1972-1973, Emperor Geese By: Arthur M. Cook
1967-1968, Oldsquaw (Long-tailed) Ducks By: Leslie C. Kouba
1963-1964, Brant By: Edward J. Bierly
1962-1963, Northern Pintails By: Edward A. Morris
1961-1962, Mallards By: Edward A. Morris
1959-1960, Mallard By: Maynard Reece
1955-1956, Blue Geese By: Stanley Stearns
1953-1954, Blue-winged Teal By: Clayton B. Seagears
1950-1951, Trumpeter Swans By: Walter A. Weber
1946-1947, Redheads By: Robert W. Hines
1945-1946, Northern Shovelers By: Owen J. Gromme
1939-1940, Green-winged Teal By: Lynn B. Hunt
1936-1937, Canada Geese By: Richard E. Bishop
1934-1935, Mallards By: Jay N. "Ding" Darling
1935-1936, Canvasbacks By: Frank W. Benson

The duck stamp is going digital. As a bill that would allow the online sale of the federal duck stamp works it's way through congress, we take a look back at the 35 coolest stamps since 1934.