Everyone agrees that shooting a good broadhead is critical. But bowhunters will perhaps never agree which model or even design of broadhead is the best. In recent years manufacturers have gotten more creative with designs offering archers every detail they could ask for. We take a look at the 8 hottest new broadheads on the market this fall. Pictured: Clean Shot Hogzilla
1) Bass Pro Shops RedHead BlackOut
Don’t let this store brand fool you. The German-made .030-inch blades are incredibly sharp, and the 1 1∕16-inch cutting diameter offers a low profile for accurate flight. ($30, 3-pack;
2) Clean Shot Hogzilla
If there were an award category for “odd,” Hogzilla would win it. A micro-mounted laser projects a visible beam from a hole in the tip of the broadhead out to the target (check local regulations for legality). ($99, 2-pack;
3) Trophy Take Ulmer Edge
Designed by legendary bowhunter Dr. Randy Ulmer, the rear-deploying blades offer a low, in-flight profile (1 1/2-inch cutting diameter). The broadhead can be locked closed for practice. ($50, 3-pack;
4) Flying Arrow Archery Toxic
Montana’s Chris Rager, whose clever mind is behind numerous archery innovations, offers this revolutionary 100-grain coring-style head. ($45, 3-pack;
5) Muzzy Trocar
The Trocar bears the name of the chisel point that Muzzy founder John Musacchia Sr. designed decades ago. The .035-inch helix-blades (1 3/16-inch cut) and solid-steel ferrule anchor the design. ($30, 6-pack;
6) Rage Hypodermic
This needle-sharp broadhead has a one-piece ferrule. The deployable blades are .035 inches thick and feature newly designed shock collars for snag-free deployment. ($50, 3-pack;
7) Innerloc Deep Slice
Innerloc’s unique tip, with its thru-ferrule post, offers a very rugged fixed-blade design that is tunable to your arrows. It’s available in a 1 1∕16-inch cutting diameter at 100 grains. ($38, 3-pack;
8) WASP Queen
Pink is in. The Queen is available in both 75- and 100-grain models, with an extra-sharp tip for better penetration from a fixed-blade with low-­poundage draw weights. ($35, 3-pack; ­

We take a look at the 8 hottest new broadheads on the market this fall. See which one is right for your bowhunting setup.