1. Bolt from a Wrist Grip. Make a fist with free hand.
A quick strike on these weak spots can disable an attacker long enough for you to escape to safety.
1. Bolt from a Wrist Grip. Make a fist with free hand.
2. Aim for his hand’s weak spot. The weak spot is in between the first two fingers, right below the knuckles.
3. Punching with your thumb inside your fingers can lead to a fight-ending broken thumb.
4. Hold your fist loosely and strike with the knuckles of your first two fingers.
5. Hit point with your knuckle.
6. Once free, run.
1. Escape from a Choke Hold: Raise your elbow; turn.
2. Break hold with your elbow.
3. Join your hands.
4. Push your elbow to strike.
1. Break Out of a Bear Hug: Keep your cool.
2. Bend your knees.
3. Raise your arms.
4. Spin, clasping your hands.
5. Elbow attacker’s chest.
6. Run.


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Here’s how to escape a violent situation as safely as possible.