Guns Shot Show

SHOT Show 2018

A roundup of the new guns and gear from the annual shooting and hunting tradeshow

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Our team got a preview of the new guns and ammo at Range Day. Keep checking back for more videos and roundups from the Show this week.

Check out this handheld thermal tracker from Leupold, which has a range up to 750 yards. Video by Alex Robinson

If you’re not familiar with Browning’s T-Bolt rimfire line, you should check them out. These are awesome little straight-pull rifles. —Tyler Freel

Because you can never have too many ways to get a fire going in a hurry—and because everyone should carry some paracord in their pack. —Tyler Freel

If you love shiny rifles, but still expect top-end performance, this Browning X-Bolt might be for you. —Tyler Freel

Every year at range day there is that one crazy gun. Whether practical or not, well—that’s up to you to decide. —Tyler Freel

This is the Mossberg 590, but with a whole lot more shells. Five-round, 10-round, 15-round, and 20-round magazines. (Video by Alex Robinson)

The Springfield TRP Operator is one of the newest guns available in an ever-growing crop of high-end 1911s chambered for 10mm Auto. The TRP is one smooth shooter; we tried out the 5-inch version on the range, but it’s also available in a 6-inch version with fully adjustable rear sights that should make a dandy hunting pistol. (Video by Will Brantley)

Call me old-fashioned, but I love a double-action revolver—especially one that’s tuned up as nicely as this (even though I’m not a big competition shooter). I have a standard 686 Plus at home that’s one of my favorite all-around handguns. This one’s just a little faster and a little better. —Will Brantley

Ruger has a lot of new introduction this year, including their ultra-adjustable Precision Rimfire. (Video by Aram von Benedikt)

This is a new gun from Benelli, but it’s not for sale. The “King” is this year’s concept shotgun, and just like a concept car, they’re not going to make any production models of it. It’s more of an experimental one-off model. Last year featured a pimped-out semi-auto inspired by wolves; this year they adapted their 828U over/under with some unusual leather accents. (Video by Natalie Krebs)

In recent years, Mauser has been making some high-end rifles that are unattainable for most shooters. That’s why this M18 is so intriguing—it’s a Mauser that folks will be able to actually get their hands on. (Video by Natalie Krebs)

This new PC Carbine from Ruger is an affordable, shootable takedown that includes plenty of thoughtful, useful touches. It’s not mentioned in the video, but the muzzle is also threaded for a suppressor. (Video by Natalie Krebs)

Range Day is all about what’s new and cool, and sometimes that means bringing some old stuff back. If you have one of these WWII-era guns, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for this stuff. (Video by Tyler Freel)

Archon Firearms (formerly Arsenal Firearms) has been working on this model for years, and it’s not just another polymer-frame, striker-fire pistol. (Video by Natalie Krebs)

This Spyderco Darn Dao knife might be the baddest blade at SHOT Show. (Video by Alex Robinson)