Outdoorsmen love new gear and gadgets to help them out in the field and on the water. Even if it means the slightest advantage to catch one more fish or stay out in the cold for one more hour.

As an avid outdoorsman myself, I always look for products that are useful, durable, and versatile. I want to make sure everything I bring on a hunt, hike, or fishing trip has a use. There’s never room for extra dead weight on your back. I need my gear to be durable and be able to withstand harsh conditions. Finally, I like my gear to be as versatile as possible. Some things only serve one purpose and that’s okay. But finding a gift your favorite outdoorsman can use in multiple situations is a bonus.

Outdoor maniacs always look for ways to be more efficient and effective in whatever their pursuit may be. I’ve got some great ideas for outdoor gifts—things I would love to receive myself. Check out some of the best gifts for outdoorsmen, here!

Your guide to getting the best gifts for outdoorsmen

I chose these picks to cover a wide range of outdoor activities. You will find various gear and ideas that I find useful when I’m in the woods or on the water that I think make good gifts for hunters, gifts for fishermen, birthday presents, and more.

Best Classic Gift for Outdoorsmen: Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool


Multifunctional Tool

Be prepared for any situation with the Leatherman wave plus.

This multi-purpose leatherman is a great addition for any outdoorsman. This is a gift for guys who spend their time outside, it’s always essential to be able to solve problems as they arise. Unfortunately, carrying a tool box on a hike or hunt isn’t a great option. This multi-tool comes in two colors and includes pliers, scissors, wire cutters, knives, saw, files, screwdriver, can opener, ruler, and wire stripper. Strap it to your waist belt and be ready for any situation.

Great Adventure Gifts for Outdoorsmen: GoPro Hero 9

Telling stories is part of being an outdoorsman. We all love to share our experiences and the incredible things we see while on our adventures. That’s why I think action cameras are one of the best adventure gifts. The new GoPro Hero 9 shoots 5K video and captures high-quality still photos. The Hero 9 is equipped with a front and rear display screen and video stabilization. And like always, it’s waterproof.

Best Gifts for Hunters: Browning trail cam with SD card


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Trail cams are one of the best ways to scout and prepare for the hunting season. They help you pattern wildlife and get a sense of what critters are in the area. Not to mention it’s pretty awesome to see what shows up on your card. This Browning trail cam comes with a 16GB memory card and takes high-quality photos and videos. Its compact size allows for easy setup and good camouflage. Best gifts for hunters? A hunter can always use another trail cam.

Best Gifts for Camping: Coleman LED Lantern


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The Coleman 600 lumen LED lantern is a great accessory for your camping trips and a top camping gift. It’s powered by 3 D batteries and will run for 30 hours on high. The lantern disengages the batteries when shut off to extend battery life up to 25% longer. It is water-resistant, and the LED bulbs never need replacing. Pick up one of these for the camper in your life and always have a reliable light source.

Best Gifts for Fishermen: Buff Solar Glove

It doesn’t matter if you bass fish, saltwater fish, or fly fish—the summer rays will get your hands if you don’t protect them. When early summer rolls around I break out my pair of Buff solar gloves and bring them on all my fishing expeditions. There will be days where I’m on the water from sunrise to sunset and if I don’t protect my skin, I get burnt to a crisp. These lightweight, breathable gloves come in all sizes and colors. A great idea for the best gifts for fishermen.

Best Gifts for Hikers: Permethrin Tick Repellent


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Ticks are no joke, and it’s worth taking the right precautions before heading into the woods for a hike. Permethrin not only repels ticks but also kills them. Spray it on your clothing the day before heading out and let it bind to the fibers. A single application will last up to 6 wash cycles. If you hike in areas known for ticks, this is a must-have. I use it all hunting season and spray my clothes the night before any hike. There is no better tick repellent out there.

Best Gifts for Backpackers: Icebreaker Collingwood Jacket


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This jacket is built for the backpackers who brave the cold and don’t let a little bit of snow stand in their way. The merino wool insulation provides warmth while regulating body temperature. Long winter backpacking trips can be challenging if you don’t have a good layering system. Paired with a good shell and base layer this jacket serves as a perfect mid-layer that can be shed if the temperature starts to rise.

Best Outdoor Gifts for Boys: Columbia Youth Hiking Shoe


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When your kid is uncomfortable on a hike or camping trip, there’s a good chance the trip won’t last long. This pair of Columbia hiking shoes is a perfect gift for the kid who spends most of their time outside. They have waterproof seams and are built to venture off the beaten path. An ideal gift for a kid that likes to hike. Supportive shoes are key for an enjoyable day in the outdoors.

Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen—Under $100: TETON Sports Explorer Backpack

TETON Sports

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Finding an affordable high-performance backpack can be challenging, but this TETON pack is a perfect fit. This backpack is designed to fit both men and women and is great for 3-5 day backpacking trips or just your casual hike. This positively reviewed pack is durable and supportive, so you don’t break your back in the woods. At a great value, this pack is an awesome birthday gift for outdoorsmen.

Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen—under $50: Waterproof Speaker


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Even outdoorsmen like good technology and listening to some tunes around a campfire. This waterproof speaker is a great value gift for people who spend time in the elements. It gives quality sound and will withstand the elements. End your day at camp while listening to your favorite music and enjoying a meal around the fire.

A Few More Words on the Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Shopping for outdoorsmen doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes some thinking outside the box to come up with some great adventure gifts. This gift guide is a perfect starting point to get the wheels turning on birthday gift ideas. I have used or received many of these items as gifts myself and I couldn’t have been happier. These are some of the best gifts for outdoorsmen out there.

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