Hi Mike: I was reading my Sept. 2007 issue of Outdoor Life while donating plasma this morning (hey, got to support my whitetail addiction somehow!). In the “Bow-Shooting Plan” article on page 54 there were a couple of sentences that left me wondering: “Aim for the crease just behind his front leg and a third of the way up the body. If he stands still for the shot, you’ll drill lungs. If he ducks, you might center-punch the heart.” Wouldn’t this actually be the opposite? Randy from Iowa

I wrote Randy back: Good catch and my bad, my little brain must have gone haywire for a while when I transposed the words. It should have read: “”If he stands still for the shot, you’ll drill lungs and maybe the heart. If he ducks, you’ll center-punch lungs.”

Randy went on to say: Figure I can’t pick nits unless I offer up something. Here is my day-after-Thanksgiving 2006 bow buck.

Great deer, but the heart picture that Randy sent along with it really caught my attention—he drilled that buck right through the old blood pumper, look at that broadhead/vane outline!

Randy knows a thing or two about holding low and making a heart shot, no wonder he caught my goof. Great shot man!