CT Deer Swims Over a Mile Across New Haven Harbor


Deer are amazing animals. They can adapt to almost any environment, but one thing you don’t see deer do too often is swim. Most people are surprised that deer can even swim to begin with, but they’re actually quite strong swimmers.

Mark Szantyr photographed this deer at Sandy Point in West Haven, Connecticut while he was taking photos of Least Terns, according to the Republican American. Mark watched the deer as it walked along the shore and then, without hesitation, went right into the water and began swimming to the opposite shore — over one mile away! It’s one thing to talk about deer swimming across a creek or lake, but the ocean?

Apparently this isn’t that uncommon in the area. One resident commented that he has seen deer swimming in the harbor for years as they make their way to the Norwalk Islands, which have now become overrun with deer.

I’ve watched several deer cross shallow rivers and creeks while hunting, but I’ve yet to see one in an all out swim — especially one that’s swimming in the ocean! It just goes to show you deer will do anything to survive.