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Lone Wolf Introduces New Flip Top Climber Combo

Lone Wolf is held in high regard by the most demanding of bowhunters and there’s no question why. The Company makes some of the best treestands on the market and their stands are among the most quiet and easy to set up. Lone Wolf stands allow bowhunters sneak into the thickest, nastiest areas to hunt big bucks on their turf.

First launched at the 2012 ATA show, Lone Wolf’s new Wide Flip-Top Climber Combo was well received by the industry. The Lone Wolf booth was crowded with buyers from archery shops across the country and the main attraction was the Wide Flip-Top Climber.

The new Wide Flip-Top Climber combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a Lone Wolf sit & climb with the portability and comfort of the Alpha Hang On seat.

“It’s an innovative new stand design that people have been asking for, ” said Lone Wolf President, Jared Schlipf. “They wanted the proven performance of our Sit & Climb, but they asked for a more streamlined seat for bowhunting convenience and easy portability. The Wide Flip-Top is the perfect choice for the hunter that’s always on-the-go and expects comfort and high performance.”

Weighing in at 21-pounds, the wider stance of the Flip-Top makes for easy seated climbing, while the new closed-foam padded seat, mounted higher to keep you in the ready position, flips up and out of the way for the shot. This is a key advantage for bowhunters who are currently using a stand like the Lone Wolf sit & climb where the seat sits lower than the side bars and can potentially get in the way of the lower limb of your bow or come in contact with the bottom cam when deer are in range.

Like all Lone Wolf stands, the Flip-Top Climber is highly mobile and folds down to a slim 3.5-inch packed profile for easy backpacking. The included backpack straps and bungee strap keep the stand packed flat and secure so there’s no metal on metal noise when you’re walking to your tree. The pivoting sit & climb bar makes climbing trees between 9″ and 19″ in diameter easy and the huge 30″ x 19.5″ cast aluminum platform will keep hunters comfortable on those long all-day sits during the rut. The platform’s in-cast bow holder has also been redesigned to accommodate most parallel limb bows.

The 14″ x 12″ seat will have some archer’s wishing for a little more, but personally, I’ve had no problems with treestand seats of this size. The bigger your seat, the more room you have to move around and as any whitetail hunter knows, whitetails can pick up the slightest bit of movement.

The Lone Wolf Wide Flip-Top Climber has a weight rating of 350 pounds and also includes a TMA approved 6-point Fall Arrest System. Best of all, like all Lone Wolf products, the Wide Flip-Top Climber is made right here in the USA!