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440-Inch Bull Taken with Governor’s Tag in Arizona

Alex Robinson Avatar

Check out this monster elk photo posted on the Boone & Crockett Club’s Trophy Watch website. The bull was reportedly taken by Corey Knowlton with the Arizona Governor’s tag. Each year the state auctions off a tag that allows a hunter to hunt the prime units in the state.

The bull’s green gross score is a whopping 440 inches. The world record typical elk was taken in Arizona in 1968 and stands at 442 5/8 inches (net score).

Knowlton took the 7X8 bull on a rifle hunt in northern Arizona. He was guided by Starr Guide Service and Mossback Arizona.

If this bull is scored typical, and depending on deductions, it has the potential to make the top 10 in the B&C record books.

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