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295-Pound Catfish Record Pending

Pending_laulau_recordThere were lots of opinions about “King Kong,” the big, 400-pound catfish caught by Larry Dahlberg. You can still see the photo gallery of images by clicking here.

Many of you felt the fish could have weighed the 400 pounds that was estimated by Dahlberg by using tape measurements and applying a formula.

Some of you didn’t think so.

Larry released that fish so we’ll never know precisely, but now there’s a pending record application for the same kind of catfish—a lau-lau.

This one weighed nearly 300 pounds (295pounds, 8 ounces to be precise). It was taken in Jatapo, Amazonas, Brazil by Russell Jensen from the Bronx, New York, after a 90-minute fight. If it’s accepted by IGFA it’ll break the current 26-year-old record of 256 pounds, 9 ounces.

The thing is, pictures can be deceptive depending on how a fish is held and the type lens on the camera. Compare this nearly 300-pounder to Larry’s estimated 400-pounder and tell me what you think.

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