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Tackle Test: Wake the Shallows with SPRO’s Fat John 60

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Waking an obese crankbait in the shallows can bring the fat fish out of cover like nothing else. They’re like crack to the addicted. SPRO has introduced its new Fat John 60 crankbait. The Fat John is designed to dive to a depth of 1 to 3-feet. However, the design is especially deadly when slow cranked on the surface, allowing the oversized square bill to dig, pushing a chubby wake in all directions.

The Fat John is, well, a fat bait. However you’ll notice the slenderized sides. These make this bait uniquely qualified to slip through tight weed cover with little effort. The sticky sharp #3 Gamakatsu trebles are the exact width of the baits underbelly. When retrieved, they stay tightly tucked to the body; keeping the bait’s profile small. I was amazed at how well this bait pulls through the slop.

The Fat John 60 tips the scales at 5/8-ounces, nice and heavy for long casts. The bill is lineally flat, offering some flex and a mesmerizing side-to-side saunter. I like the fact the bait is void of rattles as I feel fish have grown somewhat accustomed to hearing the drone rattle of shot-filled baits. After all, with the amount of water this baits pushes, it doesn’t need added clacky rattles.

I fished mine in the shallows, over emerging grass that was close to topping out. I slow cranked it just fast enough to make the bill dig deep to cover the bait’s back with water. When I hit an open area in the vegetation, I’d roll the handle a quick turn or two, diving the bait just deep and fast enough to trigger strikes. The change in cadence seems to be the trick in the thickery.

The Fat John 60 is available in a myriad of color combinations and should be a permanent tenant in any serious bassers tackle box. ($11.94;

Rating the Fat John 60 on 1 to 5 Fish Scale
Castability: 4
Finish: 3.9
Build: 3.9
Hooks: 5
Action: 4.5
Price/Value: 3