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Leupold VX-6 Multigun: A Scope for the Field or 3-Gun Course

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Leupold’s new VX-6 Multigun 1-6x24mm riflescope, featuring the company’s illuminated FireDot Special Purpose Reticle, was built to the demands of 3-gun shooting. But it can also do the job afield hunting, and may be just the thing for the hunter who wants to try 3-gun but, like many of us, can’t afford a separate optic.

With a powerful 6:1 zoom ratio, the VX-6 Multigun delivers the speed of a zero-magnification red dot at its lowest power setting.

Leupold’s FireDot Reticle is designed for instinctive, close-range/low-magnification situations, yet allows shooters to engage longer-range targets as well. The illuminated center aiming point attracts the eye naturally and makes target acquisition quick and easy. It has a one-button, low-profile design that offers a choice of 12 different reticle brightness settings. Proprietary Motion Sensor Technology automatically deactivates illumination after five minutes of inactivity, but reactivates immediately when any movement is detected.

For the hunter, “The wide field of view and FireDot reticle are perfect for quick, close shots on dangerous game, in thick timber, or on running deer or hogs,” notes Leupold’s John Snodgrass, who helped bring the scope to market. “The fast target acquisition and wide zoom range is ideal for predators that may come running right up to the caller — or hang up at 300 to 500 yards. And the scope’s light weight and compact size are a real help for anyone carrying a rifle for miles in pursuit of game or short dashes on the 3-gun course.”

The VX-6 Multigun is now available through the Leupold Custom Shop.

MSRP $949.99