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42 Coyotes Taken During California Hunting Tournament, Controversy Ensues

The San Francisco Gate is reporting that Coyote Drive 2013 was a howling success with 42 coyotes taken.

The Modoc County event was sponsored the Pit River Rod and Gun Club and Adin Supply Outfitters. It was the groups’ seventh annual hunt. And while hunt sponsors have yet to revile actual hunt statistics (Would you? In California?) an unidentified law enforcement individual told the SFGate that 42 coyotes were taken by 90 two-man teams. This news is sure to devastate the protestors that crowded the Feb. 6 Department of Fish and Game Commission hearing to label the hunt as “savage” and “medieval.”

Medieval? What, did hunters take down coyotes with a swinging mace or a lance?

An estimated 6,000 people signed an online petition blasting the hunt as did 20 wildlife conservation organizations who put their complaints in letters to the DFGC.

Adin Supply Outfitters owner Steve Gagnon told reporters that despite the controversy, the hunt went better than expected with 240 people traveling to Adin (population 279) for the hunt.