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Wounded Grizzly Bear Attacks Hunter in Alaska

A Rhode Island man is lucky to be alive after the grizzly bear he shot ambushed him in thick brush.

John Matson was participating in a guided hunt 50 miles west McGrath, Alaska Monday night when the incident took place. According to reports, Matson shot the bear only to see it run into cover. When he tracked the bear into high brush for a follow up shot, the bear pounded, leaving the mid-40’s man with injuries to his head and body. He avoided further injuries by shooting the bear numerous more times. Members of Matson’s hunting party are credited with caring for the fallen hunter until he could be rescued. Weather conditions kept the state’s Rescue Coordination Center from reaching the party until early Tuesday. Matson was transported to an Anchorage hospital where his injuries were listed as non life-threatening.

This marks only the latest incident in a season that has seen bear attack after bear attack. Read about eight bear attacks that took place in the span of a week and a half here.

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