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How to Build a Heavier Hunting Arrow for More Momentum

This arrow will break bones, not the bank
heavier hunting arrow heads
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Thinking about changing things up this year? Give this inexpensive yet uncompromising high-momentum arrow build a shot.

Compound hunters are finally moving away from arrows that sacrifice all else in the name of speed. The better option is to build an arrow that is tough to break and generates more penetration because it is heavier. Using quality components and a robust broadhead, you can put together a build with increased momentum, FOC, and structural integrity.

Why High Momentum?

The more momentum an object in motion possesses, the harder it is to slow down. More mass means more momentum, which translates to more penetration. Heavier builds with that mass distributed toward the front of the arrow (FOC) offer improved penetration, efficiency, and flight stability. Paired with a nearly indestructible two-blade broadhead, you can count on penetration no matter what. An arrow built with these concepts in mind, tailored to the individual hunter, is a no-fail system that will get the job done every time.

And building better arrows doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re like me and have a pocket full of tags, a skinny wallet, and lose arrows like its your job, consider this budget-friendly build.

The Build:

Total arrow weight: 550+ grains
FOC: 15-20%

Shaft: Black Eagle Carnivore—300 or 250 static spine

The Black Eagle Carnivore is a great option for a high momentum build. Its an affordable standard diameter shaft that offers a variety of spines down to 150 for flexibility in tuning and component compatibility. Most people shooting 27-30 inch arrows at 65-70 lbs with 200-300 grains up front will want around a 250 spine shaft to start with, but you’ll need to play around with different static spine shafts, arrow lengths, and point weights until you find what works best for you.

Depending on your arrow length, a 250 spine shaft should come to somewhere between 250-300 grains. Bare shaft tuning can really help expedite the process of finding the right combination.

Broadhead: Zwickey Eskimo

Simple, tough, and effective, they Zwickey broadheads have stood the test of time, filling hunter’s quivers since the 1940’s. Zwickey heads won’t be hunting sharp out of the box, but a few minutes on some ceramic, diamond, or Arkansas stones followed by a leather strop and they’ll be shaving hair.

Did I mention they only cost about $15 for a 3-pack?

Make sure to buy the glue-on model broadheads, as you’ll be using aftermarket broadhead adapters to hit your desired weight and provide even more structural integrity.You can practice with the same heads you hunt with and use them again and again. You’ll likely lose them before they break.

Adapter: Steel screw-In broadhead adapters

The threaded adapter used to screw in a broadhead is often the point most prone to failure. Instead of using the flimsy aluminum adapters that come standard on screw-in models, take the few bucks you’ll save by purchasing glue-on broadheads and use it to buy some steel screw-in broadhead adapters. Use Epoxy, hot-melt, or super glue to set the threaded adapters in the heads.

Steel screw-in adapters usually come in 75-, 100-, and 125-grain options, so you can better fine-tune your total arrow weight and FOC.

Insert: Brass or steel inserts

Brass or steel inserts are a great way to improve your arrows weight and strength. Toss the flimsy aluminum inserts that come with your shafts and spend a few extra bucks to give your arrows some oomph.

Most heavyweight inserts come in either 50 or 100 grain options.

Choose inserts made for standard .246” diameter shafts, and install them just like any other insert using epoxy or hot melt.

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To put it all together you:

  1. Cut your shafts to length
  2. Glue broadhead and adapter together
  3. Glue insert into shaft
  4. Bareshaft tune
  5. Fletch
  6. Final tuning

You’re looking at about $100 for a 6 fully built hunting arrows ready for the next few hunting seasons. That’s a bargain compared to the price of high-end builds, and still cheaper than many trendy and popular speed-freak setups. Not only are you getting excellent penetration, durability, and flight stability, but it can be modified to fit anyone’s needs with small alterations and substitutions. This is the perfect build for the bowhunter who wants to gain the benefits of increased momentum, FOC, and structural integrity without breaking the bank. Most of the components can be found at your local shop, or online.