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A Boy’s Buck

Youth hunts are great and I applaud every state agency that's going the distance to make it easier for youth to hunt, especially America's favorite game animal, the whitetail deer. Here's the photo of a very, very lucky and happy young Wisconsin hunter. The information included with this information indicates this young hunter scored big in Grant County Wisconsin. So far I couldn't find the boy's first name, but apparently his family name is Williams and he's 15 years old.
As for the buck, he's a giant. The rack reportedly nets 203 typical. Did you read that right? That would make it one of the top typicals ever shot in Wisconsin and right up there in world-class standings. The buck was shot during the October youth season and has 16-inch tines. It was shot in the vicinity between Millville and Woodman in southeast Wisconsin.
As you can see from the photo the buck was making the rounds and this is where the story, or at least Internet details, gets interesting. Information states that the store in the background is the Cabela's store in Prairie du Chien. Again, according to details on the E-mail making the rounds with these photos, the store manager in Prairie du Chien offered the boy $25,000 on the spot along with a replica. The family turned it down and another offer from the Cabela's headquarters came through with a heart-stopping total of $61,000. Again the answer was no. I'm not sure if I could turn down $61,000 for any deer, especially if I got to keep a replica set, but everyone has their own opinions and set of standards. Good for them and it looks as if Wisconsin still has world-class offerings.