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World’s Coolest Buck Mount?

Are you like me? I’m always on the lookout for something a bit different in the taxidermy arena. I’m actually pretty conservative in the number of mounts in my home, but every few years I’m lucky enough to land a buck I feel deserves a location on my wall. My current craving is for pedestal wall mounts and companies like McKenzie Taxidermy Supply are doing a great job of providing new angles, twists and character throughout the lineup of their forms. Looking through their catalog or website is like kid wandering around a Toys R Us store. Something exciting is around every corner.

Now take a look at this deer mount. It requires more house than I currently have available, but I thought it was such a unique mount, especially for hunters with a loft or upstairs. I can guarantee you that it is the talk of the house when this hunter invites guests over to watch the game. As well it should be. I priced a full mount whitetail recently in my neck of the woods and it would have set me back nearly $3,200.

Of course when you look at the size of the antlers on this buck I can’t really argue whether the price is all that out of line. Heck, most shoulder mounts are $500 or more for quality work.

I can see two ways to make this mount a smidge better. The first option would be to include something natural for the buck to jump over like a huge log or a split-rail fence. The metal railing just isn’t doing it for me. Taking that theme one step further, add in the front half of a Toyota Camry. Since Toyota is allegedly having acceleration issues and driving a car is the closest most of us come to a leaping deer, it just makes sense.