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Grizzly Giant!

Andrew McKean Avatar
Farmers in the area knew about the bear but weren't able to track after it had killed 3 horses, 5 cows, 13 sheep and a pen full of chickens on several homesteads in the area.
The paw of a giant Alaska brown bear.
Wallace holds up one of the bear's enormous paws. Courtesy Jesse Wallace
These two gents were calling elk in the Saddle Hills south of Woking, Alberta when this big guy slipped in on the caller. The shooter spotted the bear 8 yards from the caller and dropped him with 5 shots from his 338 Rem Mag..
Fish and wildlife had bear traps set up in the area but notice on surveillance video that, whenever he would enter the trap, his hump would hit the top of the culvert trap, slowing him enough that the trap door would whack him on the head before he was all the way in. Check out the scar tissue on his face…
The bear weighed in at just under 1300 pounds and would have stood 11 ¾ feet tall on its hind legs…

Imagine trying to bugle in an elk and having an 11-foot livestock-killing grizzly answer your calls instead. What would you do?