Coyotes are one of North America’s most challenging animals to hunt. They thrive in almost every environment, from the mountains to the suburbs — and despite unlimited bag limits, their numbers are on the rise in many regions. But the hunters in this gallery have outsmarted Wiley E. Check out the best coyote photos sent in by readers.
Spot and stalk with a bow -Hjholmen
In the fog -Solidlock43
Double dog day -duky
River Bottom Yote -bshunter
Great day at the office -Jtinski
Calling coyotes in Montana -Art Hoffart
Predator II -Solidlock43
Mouse Eater -Mountainbum
Mexican Coyote -Tcarveo
Double dog day -duky
Christmas Present ’09 -Neuhunti
Illinois Coyote -ILPinecone
Tug-of-war dog -Chasey375hh
Called in this dog with an electronic caller and decoy. 5.56 AR-15 I built and painted several years ago. -Riley Glock
Kentucky Youth Hunt Turns to Predator Hunt!
Great day in the woods with my 12 year old daughter for the 2012 youth Kentucky whitetail season. Not very many deer but these yotes passed by the blind less than 50yds and she dropped them all with in 15min with her Savage 270. This is not her first hunt but her first predator hunt.
Bobcat vs. Coyote
Picked up my cameras a week after the season ended to get this early Christmas Present. No deer, but a once in a life time picture. -oldsalt
Wiley E. Coyote
I just started bringing my camera with me when I go hunting, first time I ever do this and this coyote came out about 20 yards in front of me through some brush when I was hunting for whitetail. It didn’t make for an incredible hunt, but some very exciting photography. I think my camera will be coming with me from now on. -GulfCoastHunter
Dog days of summer
290 yard songdog, Custom AR-15, 55 grain Federal, Burris LaserScope, shot from prone after spotting coyote at 500+ yards. This is why I always carry my rifle during the grass harvest around here. -MCGullikson