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Deer Hunter Reloaded Video Game Introduces X-Ray Mode … Really?

As much as I hate to admit it, hunting and fishing video games are big business and there are a countless number of games available for game consoles, computers and mobile devices.

The makers of the popular game Deer Hunter, which is allegedly one of the most popular and realistic hunting games, will soon be releasing their latest title – Deer Hunter Reloaded.

Deer Hunter lets gamers track their prey through the woods, use a GPS to map out terrain and hunt with a variety of weapons, but that’s about where the similarities to a real hunting situation end.

With video games, the next version of the game always has to be bigger and better. In the spirit of outdoing themselves, the makers of the Deer Hunter series decided to get creative and introduce an X-Ray Mode in the Reloaded game.

I viewed a trailer for the new Reloaded game and watched as the hunter put on his X-Ray glasses and the vitals of a bear began to glow. So now that you can clearly see the brain, heart and lungs on a charging bear, you simply take aim and blast away. Just like in real life right? (Also, why are there moose and caribou in a desert setting and why is a hunter wearing blue camo?)

So what do you think BBZ readers? Would you give Deer Hunter Reloaded a try? Or did they miss the mark with this wacky new x-ray vision? What do you think about hunting video games in general?