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Purple Mutant King Crab Found in Russia’s Bering Sea

Melt some butter and pop some beers. We’re feasting on king crab tonight … What the heck! I ain’t eating no purple crab. It looks like Barney the dinosaur with pinchers. Or maybe a bug that swam in a neon grape Slurpee…

Employees at Marusan Mikami in Hokkaido, Japan were shocked to find a purple crab among their shipment of Red king crabs from Russia’s Bering Sea.

Marusan Mikami President Kenetsu Mikami Told the Hokkaido Doshin, “I’ve been dealing with crabs for 25 years, but this is the first time to see that color. It could be a good omen.”

Or not.

I mean would receiving a purple T-bone immediately turn your thoughts to good fortune? I don’t think so.

The true cause of the crab’s bluish purple exterior was most likely caused by a mutation or something strange in the crustacean’s diet. Of course it’s the former that has the Internet abuzz with many posting that they believe the crab’s color is most likely from radiation.

Considering the three foot wide, eight-pound soon to be Hors d’oeuvre came from one of the most remote places on the planet, my guess is its color has nothing to do with being irradiated.

What do you think caused the crab to be deep blue? Woman troubles? It held its breath too long?

And, would you eat it?