How to Make Your Own Kydex Knife Sheath

A durable, waterproof, and low-maintenance option for carrying your favorite blade

A leather sheath is a classic option for your favorite fixed-blade hunting knife, but it's also not waterproof or as durable compared to some modern day options. Try making a Kydex sheath instead.

1. Heat and press

how to make a kydex knife sheathe
Squeeze the Kydex in a vise.Clint Ford

Heat a sheet of Kydex to 350 ˚ F. Be careful—overheating will ruin the material. Wrap the heated piece around the spine of the knife, and using neoprene foam for padding, squeeze the Kydex in a vise or with clamps with as much pressure as possible. Let cool and set for 12 to 15 minutes.

2. Cut and shape

how to make a kydex knife sheathe
Next, cut it out.Clint Ford

Trace the desired shape of your sheath with a colored pencil. Be sure to leave at least an inch margin around the knife for riveting. Cut out the shape with a band saw, scroll saw, or a pair of sheet-metal snips. Sand the edges smooth and straight.

3. Rivet and attach hardware

how to make a kydex knife sheathe
Press rivets slowly.Clint Ford

Drill out ¼-inch holes evenly spaced along the edge of the blade. Press rivets slowly and smoothly to prevent ­splitting. Bolt on desired ­hardware, being sure to apply thread locker. You can also run ­paracord through the rivet holes for lashing the sheath to something.

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