Best Bass Lures: These 29 Baits Caught The Most Fish During the Bassmaster Classic

Which lures performed under pressure at this year’s Classic? We asked 11 championship anglers about the baits that kept them in the strike zone

super six bassmaster classic
The Bassmaster Classic is one of the most popular fishing competitions in the world.James Overstreet

Rising and falling water. Warming, stained and clearing water. Lots of rain and post frontal conditions. All were in play at the GEICO 2019 Bassmaster Classic presented by DICK'S Sporting Goods. From March 15 to 17, the Tennessee River system proved a formidable foe for the 52 best anglers in the sport, making getting into the Super Six the most challenging feat of them all. With the best bass lures in hand, these pros still managed to pull in their limits.

ott defoe accepting award at bassmaster classic
The 2019 Bassmaster Classic champion Ott DeFoe hoisting the tournament trophy.Shane Durrance

In the end it was hometown favorite Ott DeFoe who was joined by his family in the winner’s circle on Championship Sunday. The week in Knoxville turned out to be a crank-fest, with lipped and lipless lures of all kinds producing best for the top finishers. Check out the choices in this Classic gallery of classic springtime baits.

Adrian Avena (32-lbs., 10-oz.)

adrian avena at the bassmaster classic holding up geico classic lures

Adrian Avena’s Bassmaster Lures

Adrian Avena holds up his top GEICO Bassmaster Classic lures.Andy Crawford

A 3/8-ounce Z Man/Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer, Clearwater Shad, with a Berkley Powerbait Power Swimmer Swimbait, Sexy Shad, was a top producer for Adrian Avena. He also used a Berkley Frittside designed by crankbait guru David Fritts. The flat sided crankbait is designed to combine the better of two worlds. "It casts farther and better than balsa without losing the unique action." The lure will be available in late summer, but you can find more crankbaits here.

Chris Zaldain (34-lbs., 0-oz.)

chris zaldain holding up swimbaits

Chris Zaldain Swimbaits

Chris Zaldain with two swimbaits he used all week.Andy Crawford

Chris Zaldain held nothing back, going for the win from the beginning. The entire week he threw 6- and 8-inch Megabass Magdraft Swimbaits, Albino Pearl Shad, featuring a big bass design that combines advanced engineering of a hardbait with smooth movements of a softbait. To prolong the bait's time in the strike zone, he added a 1/16-ounce nail weight behind the single treble hook. He also used a personally designed 3/8-ounce Santone Lures Z-Spin Head with a 5-inch hollow belly soft plastic trailer.

Roy Hawk (34-lbs., 4-oz.)

roy hawk holding up two fishing rods and reels

Roy Hawk Hardbaits

A crankbait, jerkbait and jig were top choices of Roy Hawk.Andy Crawford

A crankbait, jerkbait and jig were top choices for Roy Hawk. The lineup featured a Spro John Crews Fat John 60 Crankbait, Fire Craw, and a Duo Realis Jerkbait 110SP, Purple Mist.

roy hawk showing off a pepper custom jig-trailer combo

Roy Hawk Jig

The Pepper Custom Baits jig-trailer combo of Roy Hawk.Andy Crawford

He also used a 1/2-ounce Pepper Custom Baits Original Pepper Head, Global Warming, with a 3.75-inch Yamamoto Flappin' Hog, Bama Bug, for a trailer.

Brandon Palaniuk (34-lbs., 15-oz.)

brandon palaniuk holding up three lures

Brandon Palaniuk Lure Trio

Brandon Palaniuk shows off a trio of strike appeal lures.Shane Durrance

A trio of baits produced for Brandon Palaniuk. A Rapala Balsa Extreme BX Brat Squarebill, Bone Craw, and modified with a marker for added strike appeal, was a top choice. So was a Rapala DT6, Brown Crawdad. He also used a 6.5-inch Zoom Z3 Trick Worm, Z3 Edge, rigged on a 1/4-ounce shakey head.

Wesley Strader (39-lbs., 8-oz.)

wesley strader holding up bassmaster classic baits

Wesley Strader

Wesley Strader rotated through these four Bassmaster Classic baits.Shane Durrance

Wesley Strader rotated through a jig, crankbait, spinnerbait and Ned head rig. To make it he used a 1/16 jighead with 6.25-inch Zoom Fluke Stick, Green Pumpkin. For more aggressive fish he used a hand-carved PH Custom Lures Lil Guy, designed for cold water and highly pressured fish. Strader also used a Zorro Bait Co. Flipping Jig with 3-inch Zoom Big Salty Chunk trailer, Flippin Blue. A white/chartreuse 3/16-ounce Zorro Wesley Strader Bango Blade Spinnerbait also produced strikes.

Brandon Lester (40-lbs., 5-oz.)

brandon lester holding up two jig lures

Bassmaster Angler Brandon Lester

Brandon Lester shows off his two proven Bassmaster Classic jigs.Shane Durrance

A brown 3/8-ounce unnamed flipping jig with 4-inch shortened Xzone Lures Pro Series Muscle Back Craw, Okeechobee Craw, was a top choice. So was a 1/2-ounce unnamed bladed jig with 3.25-inch XZone Lures Muscle Back Finesse Craw, Green Pumpkin Black Flake.

Mark Daniels Jr. (41-lbs., 12-oz.)

mark daniels holding up rat-l traps

Mark Daniels Jr Reaction Craws

Mark Daniels Jr drew reaction strikes with these Rat-L-Traps.Andy Crawford

Mark Daniels Jr. rotated through three baits to earn his keep. He favored a self-designed Bill Lewis MR-6 Crankbait, Strawberry Craw, featuring flat sides and an internal weight transfer system for longer casts. For reaction strikes he used red crawfish patterned Bill Lewis Rat-L-Traps.

Mark Daniels Jr Chatterbait

mark daniels jr holding up chatterbait
This Z-Man/Evergreen Chatterbait produced strikes during low points.Andy Crawford

A 3/8-ounce Z-Man/Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer, Spot Remover, produced strikes during low activity periods.

Michael Iaconelli (42-lbs., 9-oz.)

Michael Iaconelli Caribbean Shad

michael iaconelli holding up lures at bassmaster classic
These Rapala Ike’s Custom Ink DT6 scored big for Iaconelli.Andy Crawford

A Rapala Ike's Custom Ink DT6, Caribbean Shad, scored big for Michael Iaconelli on a game-changing weekend raising his chances of winning a second Classic. Retrieving the lure into flat rocks produced strikes. Another game changer was a Rapala Flat 3 modified by Ott DeFoe.

Michael Iaconelli Second Classic

michael iaconelli holding up lures
Michael Iaconelli with lures used in his second Bassmaster Classic.Andy Crawford

A white/chartreuse 1/2-ounce Molix Water Slash Double Colorado Spinnerbait with 4-inch Berkley Powerbait Power Grub trailer, Milky Chartreuse, produced in cover too thick for the crankbait. Iaconelli also used a black 1/2-ounce Missile Jigs Ike's Mini Flip Flipping Jig, with 3.25-inch Berkley Powerbait Power Chunk trailer, Black Blue Fleck.

Jesse Wiggins (43-lbs., 14-oz.)

Jesse Wiggins Balanced Crank

jessie wiggins showing off crank baits
The flat-sided, balanced crankbait of Jesse Wiggins.Andy Crawford

Jesse Wiggins relied on a Jackall Bling 55, Crawfish, featuring a weight transfer system for longer and more balanced casts in a small profile, flat-sided crankbait.

Jacob Wheeler (45-lbs., 5-oz.)

Jacob Wheeler Custom Craws

jacob wheeler holding up custom craw lures
Lipless crankbaits Jacob Wheeler used in post-front conditions.Andy Crawford

Throughout the week, Jacob Wheeler rotated through hardbaits for a mixed bag of largemouth and smallmouth. A custom painted red craw Storm Arashi Vibe was a top choice. The lipless crankbait features a slow-speed, subtle vibration and sound, making it ideal for lethargic bass encountered in calm wind and post-front conditions. A Rapala Ike's Custom Ink DT6, Ike's Red Demon, was another choice.

Bassmaster Classic Champion Ott DeFoe (49-lbs., 3 oz.)

Ott DeFoe Championship Sunday

ott defoe holding up bassmaster classic lures
Geico Bassmaster Classic Champion Ott DeFoe with his winning lures.Shane Durrance

A Storm Arashi Vibe, Rusty Craw, and a Rapala DT4, Crawdad, were top cranking choices for winner Ott DeFoe. A key lure on Championship Sunday was a 3/8-ounce unnamed bladed jig, chartreuse white.