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The Heart Shot w/Bow & Arrow

Aug_21_07 Hi Mike: I was reading my Sept. 2007 issue of Outdoor Life while donating plasma this morning (hey, got to support my whitetail addiction somehow!). In the “Bow-Shooting Plan” article on page 54 there were a couple of sentences that left me wondering: “Aim for the crease just behind his front leg and a third of the way up the body. If he stands still for the shot, you’ll drill lungs. If he ducks, you might center-punch the heart.” Wouldn’t this actually be the opposite? Randy from Iowa

I wrote Randy back: Good catch and my bad, my little brain must have gone haywire for a while when I transposed the words. It should have read: “”If he stands still for the shot, you’ll drill lungs and maybe the heart. If he ducks, you’ll center-punch lungs.”

Randy went on to say: Figure I can’t pick nits unless I offer up something. Here is my day-after-Thanksgiving 2006 bow buck.

Randy_nessler_iowa_heart_shot_2 Great deer, but the heart picture that Randy sent along with it really caught my attention—he drilled that buck right through the old blood pumper, look at that broadhead/vane outline!

Randy knows a thing or two about holding low and making a heart shot, no wonder he caught my goof. Great shot man!