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Do Not Try This At Home: Asian Carp Killing With Swords, Bats and Tennis Rackets

Graphic image warning: The video below is not appropriate for sensitive viewers (or fans of Asian carp).

The Peoria, Illinois Carp Hunters decided to have a little fun in their noble attempt to take out as many Asian carp as possible by dressing as gladiators and outback warriors from Mad Max, and then taking to the water armed to the teeth on water skis and inflatable tubes.

My personal favorites are the “treble trouble,” a tennis racket affixed with dozens of treble hooks, the “barbed batterer,” a wooden bat pierced with nails, and a sword called the “carp dicer.”

Although the video begins by warning not to follow this example, the Peoria, Illinois Carp Hunters are actually doing something worthwhile here by bringing to light just how overrun the river has become with invasive fish. Asian carp cost the U.S. millions of dollars every year in ecological damage so ridding the river of as many carp as possible is a great idea. Doing it while with a sword while water-skiing? Maybe not so much.

But it sure is fun to watch.