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First Look: Federal FireStick Muzzleloader Ignition System

This new encapsulated powder charge from Federal Premium could change the way you muzzleload
Andrew McKean Avatar
Federal FireStick and muzzleloader bullet for black powder hunting
The FireStick is available in 100-grain (pictured) and 120-grain charges. Natalie Krebs

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This new system from Federal Premium heralds a whole new way to charge muzzleloaders, and is potentially a game changer for your black powder season. Although this system still requires you to front-load the projectile (which is how this still qualifies as a muzzleloader in many states—check your regulations), introducing the powder is much simpler. The FireStick is an encapsulated load of Hodgdon’s new Triple Eight black powder in a waterproof plastic hull, it accepts a standard 209 primer, and is removable, meaning that you no longer have to either ram out or discharge your powder after a day of hunting. The FireStick is compatible with Traditions’ new NitroFire rifle—both were developed in conjunction with each other. It’s worth noting that this is a proprietary system, so you cannot use a FireStick in your existing muzzleloader.