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Kelsea’s First Buck

Okay…okay, I’ll admit it—I’m a softie for those “kids-first-deer” stories and when there’s a hunter who actually practices what he preaches, well, we need to talk about it—loudly. The Big Buck Zone heartily congratulates Kelsea Kelley on her great buck and also provides a BBZ slap on the back to her uncle Brandon Burkett. Hey guys? The kid was just 8-years-old! How awesome is THAT?

—Gerry Bethge

Kelsea_2 This great Alabama buck was taken by my 8-year-old niece Kelsea Kelley. Brian, her dad, and her little brother and sister were all sitting in a shooting house on a Greenfield when this buck came out of the woods about 400 yards away. The buck walked onto the field and stood broadside at 130 yards. Brian told Kelsea that it was time to shoot. She was very calm, took aim with her .223 and fired. The buck ran about 50 yards. It’s an 8-pointer with a 19.5-inch inside spread with 7-inch brow tines. It weighed 193 pounds which is a very big deer for Alabama. That’s how to get your kids involved in the outdoors.