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Rage Introduces New X-Treme Broadheads

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Rage broadheads swept the archery industry with their rear deploying 2-blade mechanical broadhead and now they’ve done it again with the all new Rage X-Treme.

The all new Rage X-Treme has a massive 2.3-inch cutting diameter. Rage claims that its new sweeping blade angle on the new X-Treme maintains kinetic energy longer and penetrates deeper than any other blade, and produces larger entry and exit wounds for even better blood trails. The new X-Treme has single-bevel blades that are designed to improve bone and tissue cutting performance.

For dependable blade containment and deployment at all times, the Rage X-Treme has been designed with the newly patented Shock Collar. This new design will ensure that your blades will remain in place until that ultimate moment of truth.

The new Rage X-Treme broadheads are distinguished by their yellow ferrule and were designed for use in bows with draw weights exceeding 60 pounds. The Rage X-Treme will be available this spring and a 3-pack will retail for $49.99.

As a bowhunter who has used Rage broadheads in the past, I can tell you they put deer down fast! With the new improvements of the Rage X-Treme it looks like Rage has developed an even more durable and dependable broadhead.

However, I know there are a handful of bowhunters out there who won’t shoot Rage. What’s your take?