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Big Game Hunting

How to Bow Hunt Deer

where to shoot a deer
Big Game Hunting

Where to Shoot a Deer

A hunter wrestles a giant invasive Burmese python.

Monsters in the Marsh

Hunter Ty Bell stands on a ridge in Idaho grizzly country.
Animal Attacks

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Federal TSS performs better with more choke.

The Best Turkey Chokes of 2024

A pair of hog dogs leashed to the hood of a hog truck.

The Hog Dogs of Alabama

One of the best guns for rabbit hunting laying on a vest with shells and harvested rabbits.

Best Guns for Rabbit Hunting

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Big Game Hunting

The Biggest Whitetail Bucks of 2022

These are the best duck calls for beginners.
Duck Hunting

Best Duck Calls for Beginners

6.8 western cartridge

6.8 Western Cartridge Review

How to Sight in a Rifle

How to Sight in a Rifle

Big Game Hunting

How to Hunt Early Season Deer