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New Michigan Record Buck?

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This buck was reportedly found dead by a lady while walking her dog in southern MI, near Clinton in the area of M-52. She apparently called a friend to come and get it out of there before it would start stinking—she did not even notice whether it was a buck or doe. Just wanted it away from her yard.

Her friend showed up and was blown away then phoned the police to obtain the proper tag to possess a picked up deer. The cause of death was unknown, carcass was tore up pretty bad by animals. Apparently it had been there a while. However, it was only a short distance from the closest road. This guy obviously new what he had and took it to the Sheets brothers of Saline one of them is a CBM scorer. Gross green scores are 253 to 258 inches making this the new state record for Michigan. Boone and Crockett does recognize picked up deer as records

The most amazing measurement might be its inside spread of 29 1/2 inches.

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