Big Buck Alert: 249-Inch Whitetail Breaks Wisconsin Archery Record

Alex Robinson Avatar

The Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club sent out a press release this morning announcing a new archery nontypical record from the Badger State.

A group of six panel scored Jim Baker’s buck at 249 5/8 inches net on Sunday. It beat out Wayne Schumacher’s 2009 nontypical by about 6 inches.

Jim Baker shot the massive buck on September 18 in Waukesha County. Baker isn’t doing many interviews, so the details of the hunt are still unclear. However, the Buck & Bear club verified that the deer was killed under fair chase hunting conditions (after the story initially broke, skeptics accused Baker of shooting the buck behind a high fence). The scoring panel included three Boone & Crockett scorers and one Pope & Young scorer.

Here’s what we know about the rack:
– 28 measurable points
– 19 7/8 inch inside spread
– 66 6/8 inches of abnormal points
– 260 5/8 inch gross score


“[The buck] has enough rack for a couple deer,” says Bucky Lhlenfeldt chairman of the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club. “249 inches net … I mean, that is incredible.”

The world record nontypical archery whitetail (aka, the Beatty Buck) stands at 294 inches and was taken in Greene County, Ohio in 2000.

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