After being without a truck for some months, I finally bit the bullet and bought a used 2001 Chevy Blazer LT. While I’d prefer a truck, the Blazer fit the four requirements I had: four-wheel drive, big enough to haul the dog, room/a place to put the kiddo’s car seat and within my budget (those aren’t listed in any particular order, by the way…).

What accessories have you SUV (and truck/car guys) enjoyed the most? Are there certain brands you like better than others? Are there budget-saving brands/ideas out there? I want to hear some thoughts on how best to outfit this baby for hunting, fishing and dog training.

Below are some ideas on things I might want to add on, please let me know what, if anything, I’m missing and/or things that really aren’t worth it.

In-Cab Cargo Caddy

Like in the picture, something that can fit in the far back cabin of the Blazer and can securely hold all my dog-training gear: bumpers, collars, check cords, blank gun, ammo, etc.

It has to be low-profile enough, however, that a Lab-sized dog box can still fit back there.

External Cargo Carrier

The internal caddy is great for all the little stuff, but I think I’ll need a heavy-duty external carrier that fits into the receiver hitch for larger items like bags of decoys, deer stands, etc. I found these at Cabela’s:

Option #1: Valley Industries Heavy-Duty Cargo Carrier: The price looks pretty good and I like the high-rising sides around it.

Option #2: Bumper Buddy Cargo Carrier: Aluminum would make it lighter but the price is a bit more. Not sure if the railing around it is as high as the Valley model.

Option #3: Masterbuilt Magnum Hitch-Haul: Plain Jane, but the price is definitely right!

Gun Rack

With the dog box in the back, I could just lay the guns in their cases on the back seat (provided it’s not filled with hunting buddies, other gear or my kid’s car seat), but what truck is complete without a gun rack?

Which option is the best?

Option #1: Overhead Rack: I like the fact that the guns would be a little more out of sight (maybe?) and the price isn’t too bad, but how hard are these things to install (keep in mind, I’m about as useful as teats on a boar when it comes to mechanical skills) and how often would I smack my noggin on a gun barrel or butt?

Option #2: Behind the Seat Rack: I’m liking the easy installation here, accessibility and especially the price with this one! Little worried about how secure the guns would be; I mean, are they going to jiggle back and forth going down a washboard gravel road?

Option #3: Shelf System: I’ve always been intrigued by this set up. Anyone every use it? It says simple setup, but they always say that!

Fishing Rod Rack

I’m also thinking some type of fishing-rod rack would be needed. I believe the overhead gun-rack can be used to hold fishing rods, but I wonder how many?

Something like the Rod Bunk Deluxe might work better.

I could team the behind-the-seat gun rack with the overhead fishing rack and be set for either, without having to pull out an overhead gun rack.

Other Stuff?

There are other things I’m missing, from spotlights to little iPod mounts, but I think the listed items should get me started. What are some of the little things you’ve found useful in SUVs, passenger cars or the cab of your truck? What am I missing?

Thanks for your thoughts!