Writing a blog about a vacuum on an outdoorsman’s website might seem, oh, I don’t know, off topic, stupid and perhaps even a waste of time. But, at the expense of committing sacrilege, if you have dogs (and/or, heaven forbid, cats), then do yourself a favor and score points with the Missus by checking out the best damn vacuum you’ll ever want: the Dyson Animal series.

While the official Dyson website has several units listed for pet owners, the one in my house is the Dyson DC17 Animal. It appears Dyson has come up with even more technology to pick up pet hair, dirt and all the other crud a dog (or child, or even, if you can imagine, outdoorsman) can track into the house.

We bought the Animal at Bed, Bath & Beyond (or one of those type places) when it was on sale several Christmases ago. At prices upwards of $500, it was a tough nut to swallow for a vacuum, but I have to tell you: it was worth every penny!

With two dogs in the house, watching a dust bunny the size of our toddler suddenly appear from under a couch and float across the hardwood floors became a routine occurrence. It’s not that we didn’t clean, we did quite often. It’s just nearly impossible to keep up with all that dog hair!

The Dyson is amazing. We vacuumed the entire house with our old unit and then broke out the new DC 17 Animal. In one pass it gathered up way more gunk than I’d care to admit (and my wife is probably horrified that I’m even writing this on a public forum…). It is simply the best vacuum I’ve ever seen (not that I’m a vacuum aficionado or anything) and should be a mainstay in anyone’s house that has pets.

This topic came up on a dog-training forum I like to frequent. You can read the testimonials that it has garnered for yourself.

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum or if you just want to score points with the wife (and perhaps parlay that good will into training days or time afield), then do yourself, wife, family and friends a favor and check out the Dyson Animal series of vacuums.