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Cast Like a Pro: Flipping Tips From Gerald Swindle

THE MOST ACCURATE CAST He's known as the funniest angler on the pro bass circuit, but Gerald Swindle is deadly serious when it comes to talking tactics. That's why Outdoor Life has teamed up with the G-Man to bring you a series of step-by-step instructional drills on the techniques that have made him one of the most respected fishermen on the water. Lesson 1: Flipping. Nathaniel Welch

STEP 1: WHERE TO FLIP The Goal: To penetrate vegetation such as hydrilla, milfoil floating grass, or anything on the surface that you're trying to punch through. The Drill: Start with the lure about 3 feet from the rod tip. Next, grab the line with two fingers (inset) between the reel and the first guide and pull slack until your lure is about 1 foot from the tip. Nathaniel Welch
STEP 2: BEWARE THE PLOP The Goal: Don't make a splash. You want the bait to enter the water with as little disturbance as possible. The Drill: With a smooth, underhand motion, drop the tip toward the surface of the water, allowing the bait to swing back toward you. When the lure swings parallel to your hip, snap the rod tip forward and directly at your target. Nathaniel Welch
STEP 3: WALK THE LINE Goal: Try to get the timing just right. If you release the line too soon, the bait will plop into the water and spook everything underneath it. Release it too late, and it'll come up short. The Drill: Instead of dumping the line all at once, use your fingers to walk it toward the lower guide on your rod as you snap forward (inset). Nathaniel Welch
STEP 4: EASY DOES IT The Goal: An effortless motion. Done right, it's smooth and lets you move effectively and efficiently from one hole in even the thickest cover to the next. My Drill: Even today I practice flipping on a regular basis. Try setting up flipping targets for yourself in the driveway or basis. Before you know it, you'll nail it every single time. Nathaniel Welch

Professional angler Gerald Swindle goes over the four steps to flipping perfection.