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World Record Buck?

How was the rack measured? "The rack was not measured with the locked antler intact. I can assure you with most certainty that my/our measurments are conservative." "Let me first say 'thank you' to Louie, Bo and all the others who left nice comments. To the rest of the disgruntled? I'm sorry I can't please everyone. I sense a lot of jealousy and that's sad to me. I have no motive, I don't seek fame or fortune, I'm just a nice ol' guy (with a lot of pride) who loves to fish and hunt."

Ever since the story of a potential 400-inch whitetail hit the web, hunters everywhere have been clamoring for more information. Here, the rack's owner attempts to answers to some of your tough questions. Is any part of the deer rack a fabrication? "Absolutely Not" Are the pictures photoshopped? "I have never used photoshop–don't know the first thing about it. There is no trick photography whatsoever. I only used the camo background to try and create some outdoor feel. We used aviation-grade rigging wire (one strand) 220-pound-test to elevate the rack. I plan on taking another video with hopefully a better camera and some more still shots in the near future."
Will you get the buck officially scored? "At this point in my life, I only enjoy hunting trophy game, not for the recognition, but for the mere challenge. I don't want to sit back and watch the buck be exploited for all the wrong reasons. In addition, I would likely lose my privileges of hunting and fishing a prime honey hole full of big bass and big monster whitetails and turkeys. One of the reasons we exposed this deer is to give average hunters something higher to aspire to. I love the adventure and the great outdoors, and that to me is a lot more important right now. I'm sorry if some can't grasp that concept. Money I don't need but health, peace and my sanity is very crucial to me."
The barbed wire seems more twisted in photo one than in photo two, is it? "I have never removed the barbed wire or altered it in any way since the original find other than to cut it from the original length of 20-plus feet it was dragging when found. I think it's just an illusion due the different angles in which the two photos were taken. Although it may have gotten moved a little bit due to handling but nothing major or intentional." Why not get the entire head mounted? "I believe in euro skull mounts–they look more rough and outdoorsy to me. It's a personal preference."
"I'd like to clarify some other misconceptions with random comments…I have tried to take the utmost care of this deer head, to the point of almost obsessive behavior. I feel it deserves to be treated as a museum piece, anything less would be a crime. "The deer did eat growth hormones. So what? He was young and we don't know how much intake he really got. It wasn't intentional and he was always a wild free-roaming deer. "Some people have commented on the lack of corrosion on the broadhead, but the broadhead does have a little corrosion on it. If you look real close on the ferrule, there is some oxidation. But I, too, was throughly impressed by the small amount of wear and tear on the broadhead after that many years inside the animal. I only meticulously picked the meat from the spine and rib bones and not altered it in any way. What you see is exactly what I ended up with after several hours of work."
Check out the video here!

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