Crappie Fishing photo

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To make homemade crappie jigs you’ll need lead, hooks, a mold, a cast-iron spoon, a torch, a vise, and clippers. You should be able to find lead in a scrap yard. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy it. Lead shot works, too.

Purchase a mold that makes the size jigs you want—eBay is a great source. Install the correct hooks in the mold. Secure the cast-iron spoon handle in a bench vise and put lead in the spoon. Heat the spoon with a torch until the lead melts. Squeeze the mold handles tight with one hand while pouring melted lead into the mold with the other. Once the lead has cooled, open the mold to remove the jigs. Use shears to trim off the excess. Complete the jigs with a rubber tail.

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