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SEE VIDEOS HERE SEE DAY 2 HERE Outdoor Life joins host Joe Coogan and Benelli On Assignment television at Firesteel Creek Hunting Lodge for a very special three-day pheasant hunt in Isabel, South Dakota. Pheasants Forever, Coogan and Outdoor Life were joined by three father-and-son hunting teams to help spread the word on gamebird conservation efforts and greater involvement of kids in hunting.
Beaming dad Jim Ristau is flanked by his equally thrilled son, Zach, after they doubled on a pair of cockbirds that made the mistake of flushing in front of the quick-shooting team.
Undaunted by rainy and raw conditions (from left) Braydon Dauwen, Jake Krohmer and Zach Ristau prepare to hit a South Dakota foodplot.
Firesteel Creek Lodge guides are thorough safety-first veterans who continually reinforce ethical hunting and proper gun-handling practices throughout the hunt.
Great pheasant hunting is a result of great land-management practices set forth by conservation organizations like Pheasants Forever and instituted by landowners like Firesteel Creek's Linskov family. Pheasants Forever consists of more than 120,000 members across the United States and Canada. Since its inception in 1982, PF wildlife projects have benefitted more than 5.3 million acres across the continent.
Great dog work is critical to successful pheasant hunting–as is the occasional 'impossible' retrieve. When a fatally hit rooster managed to fly across a farm pond, a Firesteel Lab came to the rescue–an amazing hand-signal-guided retrieve.
They live to hunt–non the worse for wear for a late-fall swim and retrieve, this Lab delivers to hand.
"How'd I do?" Labs seem to have a way of talking to their owners unlike many other hunting dogs.
Hunters wade into a food plot trailed by hard-working cameramen Chris Richardson and Steve Panciera.
"We've got a point!" One cockbird in hand and another up ahead which is about to join him.
With a rooster in the gamebag, our guide Troy looks up ahead for more pointing dogs.
Zach Ristau moves up on a dog on point.
"Kennel up" Time to head to the next foodplot.
Benelli's Jason Evans shares a laugh with Brad Dauwen while waiting out the weather in the cab of a Ranger. No heaters in those Rangers, however.
Joe Coogan (left) shares the moment with Jim and Zach Ristau.
A father-and-son double takes a moment to sink in.
Brad Dauwen and son, Braydon, discuss the happenings of a rainy day on the plains.
Happy Hunters! (from left) Brad and Braydon Dauwen, Fred and Zach Krohmer and Zach and Jim Ristau. SEE VIDEOS HERE SEE DAY 2 HERE

Day 1: Outdoor Life joins Benelli’s On Assignment television for South Dakota ringneck action.