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Shocker: Coyote Dies from Chewing on Electrical Cord in Canada

On Aug. 26 Steve Michel, a human wildlife conflict specialist with Banff National Park, received a noontime call concerning a nuisance coyote in the Whiskey Creek condo complex.

The caller said that a young coyote came from the woods to attack the garden hose he was dragging across the lawn. The song dog reportedly hissed and growled as it did so. The man dropped the hose, kicked the coyote, and fled the scene on a 4-wheeler to call authorities.

Immediately following this the coyote was seen watching a child play on a swing. Park officials responded to these two incidents by posting warning signs.

Authorities received another coyote call that afternoon regarding a dead coyote.

Michel said the animal’s cause of death was rather electrifying.

“It chewed on an electrical cord,” Michel told the Calgary Herald. “This is the first time I’ve encountered something like this.”

The electrocuted animal was taken to the unidentified man with the hose. He was fairly certain the animal was the same one that had attacked his hose. The same only stiffer.
As authorities couldn’t be 100 percent certain that the animal was the same, the warning signs remain.

There has been no further coyote action since.

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