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UPDATED: Tim Noeth’s 2005 Saskatchewan Giant

April_21_06 Check out this monster killed last November by local hunter Tim Noeth of Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan. “The buck was shot just 1 1/2 miles north of town, on the way to my place,” says Grant Kuypers of Buck Paradise Outfitters (more photos of the giant are on the website). “It net scores just over 201 inches non-typical, putting it in the book. Just an awesome, heavy old buck.”

UPDATE Sunday 4.23.06, 10:36 AM

Grant just emailed me more about the giant. Tim and a buddy do a lot of beaver trapping in the wild and wooly Sask. swamps. The other day they brought Grant 40 beaver carcasses for bear baits. Tim brought along the rack, knowing Grant’s obsession with big deer. Grant took one look at the antlers and about flipped out. He believes his dad chased the monster around for a couple years. There was always rumor of a big one living in a small patch of brush just north of town.

Tim and some friends made a drive one day. Tim spotted antler tips coming through the brush. He raised his rifle and shot. Tim and the boys are meat hunters, and as residents they can get two buck tags anyhow. He dumped the buck with one shot and walked over to it. “I don’t think he knew what he had until his buddies came along and freaked out when they saw it,”says Grant.

I add this: Look at those huge, split brow tines—unreal! This is the kind of world-class whitetail coming out of north-central Saskatchewan today. And 2006 might be even better. Kuypers, the best Canadian outfitter I’ve ever hunted with by a mile, tells me that last winter was one of the mildest he remembers in 37 years. He expects a bunch more 180- to 200-inch bucks to fall in his hunting areas and all over the province this November.

Shedding Update:

Grantshed_2 Like the one that dropped this shed off his head. Grant found it on April 18 while setting out some spring bear baits. “This topped my day off,” he says. “If the other side was the same the rack would have scored in the mid-160s. He is still out there and probably pushing 180 this year.”

I add this: It is not going out on a limb to say the new world-record typical or non-typical might well fall way up in the Saskatchewan bush this year. Hmm, that’s why I’ll be back up at Grant’s in November, hunting with a muzzleloader this time…you never know.