Outdoor Life’s Deer of the Year is Back for 2016

Gerry Bethge Avatar
zuern wisconsin buck

Finally getting to take a photo with the buck he'd been hunting all fall. Courtesy Ben Zuern

Show us your buck. Tell us your story. And you just may find yourself in the September 2016 issue of Outdoor Life.

For more than two decades, Outdoor Life’s Deer of the Year program has celebrated the in-the-field accomplishments of our audience, confirming that OL readers are the most knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic deer hunters in America.


Today marks the kick off our 2015/2016 Deer of the Year program, which promises to be our biggest and best ever. And we are proud to announce that this season’s roundup of great buck photos and stories is sponsored by Remington. Make no mistake, this is not your local big-buck contest. It’s a celebration of the hunt like no other. It’s a nationwide deer camp packed with sportsmen eager to share their tales, strategies, and exhilaration. The Deer of the Year camp is full of mule deer, blacktail, Coues, and whitetail hunters who’ve just killed their first deer ever, are fortunate enough to have tagged their buck of a lifetime, or just want to tell us a story of an awesome hunt. So pull up a stump next to the fire and join Outdoor Life’s Deer of the Year.

The deer chosen as Outdoor Life’s Deer of the Year will be featured on the September 2016 cover. You can read about the cover model from the 2015 program here. The lucky hunter will receive a killer prize package from Remington (more details to come).

So, show us your best photo. Tell us your success story. Click here for a chance to be Outdoor Life’s 2015 Deer of the Year!