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The Rut is On – Now! Pt. III


We just had this photo sent to us from a state trooper out of western Massachusetts. This massive buck, estimated to go over 200 inches, ran across a highway and got hit by a car in broad daylight. While we hate to see a beautiful deer get killed by a car, it’s a good sign for hunters.

It means bucks, big bucks, are probably chasing does. Earlier this week on BBZ, Craig Dougherty emphatically reported that the rut is by no means over. Studies have proven that most whitetail breeding occurs over a three-week period.

So, if you didn’t see anything from the stand last weekend, there’s a good chance that bucks were locked down with does. A good cold snap like we’re seeing in the Northeast could pop them back on their feet.

In other words, get to your stand!

To find the whitetail weather conditions where you hunt go to OL Weather.