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The Story of the World-Record Whitetail

Last fall, Luke Brewster tagged the biggest whitetail buck ever killed by a hunter. He didn't shoot the deer on an outfitted hunt or within the confines of a massive private property. The Brewster buck was killed on a modest family farm in eastern Illinois. Deer of this size aren’t tagged by accident. Chasing giant bucks requires careful habitat management and meticulous preseason preparation on the hunter's part. Brewster was able to make it all come together with the help of his buddies, a tight-knit crew of veteran deer hunters and land managers who mentored Brewster as a new bowhunter over the previous years.

Now, Brewster and his buddies are teaming up with Polaris to tackle the home-grown habitat projects they’ve always wanted to work on. They’re creating more and better food plots, planting trees that deer love, performing prescribed bow-range burns, and more—all ahead of this upcoming deer season. They may have tagged the biggest deer on record so far, but that doesn’t mean that these guys are done hunting—far from it.

We’ll tell their story in three chapters that will drop in August, September, and October. Their tale—where they’ve been with the world-record buck, and where they’re going with their habitat projects—really demonstrates how this dedicated crew respects the game of hunting. Their lives revolve around the habitat they manage, the deer they love, and their shared tradition of the hunt.


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